13x4" Laos Kinky Curly Frontal
13x4" Laos Kinky Curly Frontal
13x4" Laos Kinky Curly Frontal

13x4" Laos Kinky Curly Frontal

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Going for a more natural look? Finish it off with our 100% unprocessed raw human hair with fine Swiss lace as its base. Our hair is sourced from Laos and is not steam processed or chemically treated. It is simply cleansed and conditioned to give you that naturally perfect hair!

 IPH frontals mimic a natural hairline and even have baby hairs. The curl pattern and texture may vary, but we can assure you that it will give you a natural-looking and well-defined kinky curls. Its size, which expands ear-to-ear, will give you the freedom to part your hair any way you want. Whatever hairstyle you feel like going for the day, our frontals will help you create a seamless transition for that perfect first impression!

  • The base material is 13x4" Swiss Lace
  • Made from 100% Virgin human hair
  • Hair color can be natural off-black or brown
  • Hairline is pre-plucked and has baby hairs
  • has thick density and long-lasting texture
  • Can be freely parted any way you like
  • No synthetic hair and can be heat styled
  • Can be chemically treated with bleach or dye
  • Cleansed to remove sweat, excess oil, and odor
  • Can last up to 1+ year under the best care
  • Weighs approximately 0.1 kg

 Note: There can be slight differences between the photo and the actual item due to the lighting used in the photoshoot or due to the screen's display.