Wig vs Hair Extension: Which One is Perfect for You?

No woman is the sameeach have their own style, own preferences, and own decisions. But we do believe the no woman would ever want to feel that they are not enough, not confident, nor beautiful. Despite different preferenceswe at Impression Perfect Hair are ready to offer our selection of high-quality hair products where you can choose the best option for you.
 The Basics: Wig vs Hair Extensions 
Perhaps you were able to hear wigs and hair extensions from your mother or your friend who got their hair done. A search in Google would yield tons of pictures of hair! It might also show you a picture of prominent celebrities like Beyoncé with luscious curls or Cardi B with sleek, straight hair. Although both types will make you look bomb, what is the difference between the two? 
wig is a hairpiece made from human or synthetic hair that you simply put on top of your head and can easily remove it at the end of the day.  
A hair extension or weave, on the other hand, is a term used when hair bundles are sewn onto your natural hair that are braided into cornrows. The process is simply called sew-in. Since it is sewn into the hair, it is quite permanent until your next visit to the salon after 6-8 weeks.   
The Differences: Wig vs Hair extension 
Each choice has its own pros and cons that we will be discussing shortly. We hope that this list will help guide you in choosing the perfect option for your personality and lifestyle. Let’s go! 
  • Process 
Buy a wig, put your wig cap, place the wig on your head, style, and off you go! But if you’d go for a sew-in weave, it might take a while to get installed. The installation can take from three to six hours depending on your hair length and texture, as well as the type of sew-in you’ll want.  
  • Maintenance 
Ideally, going to your stylist will be the best option to maintain your wig or your install, especially when you want it colored or styled.  
Washing hair at a salon
But if you’re going to DIY, a wig allows you to wash your natural hair separately. You can take it off and use gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash it. And after drying it, you must cover and store it properly.   
When it comes to a sew-in weave, you also must use gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. After washing your hair, you must make sure that your weave and your braids are thoroughly dry. The last thing you want to have on your hair are fungi and mildewgross! 
  • Styling 
As long as the hair of your wig or hair extension or weave is Virgin Remy or raw hair, you can color it with whatever color you want and style it confidently with heating tools.  The main difference is how frequent and how easy you can change the style and color of your hair.  
Hair styling with heat
A wig is a removable head piece, so if you have a few pieces of wigs, you can color them differently. So, you have the option of changing up your looks every single day! You can even use your natural hair if you’d like. 
Meanwhile, a sew-in weave is best for women who have a distinct style that she is confident to wear every day. You can still color your hair, but it will be for weeks. Changing the color of your weave would mean another trip to the stylist and more money to be spent. 
  • Price 
A wig is much pricier since it requires skill to make a perfect, seamless, and natural looking wig. You pay the talent that creates what you’re buying, plus the hair used to make it. Virgin human hair will cost more than a synthetic one, but you are paying for its quality. 
A wig can cost you around $80 to $600, which is cheaper than a sew-in. The price mainly depends on the quality of hair you’re going to buy. Make sure to buy high-quality hair bundles to get your money’s worth! You will be assured of the quality and it can last you a while if properly maintained and taken care of. 
The sew-in installation can cost you around $100-$600 when you get your hair installed. The price will depend on the skills of your stylist and even the state you are in. The fee usually includes the wash, cornrow braiding, weave installation, styling, and others.  
  • Longevity 
If properly taken care of, a wig can last you for a long timelike in a few years! Since you tend to take it off every so often, it doesn’t tear as much during day to day activities and that includes bedtime too.  
High-quality hair bundles used for hair extensions can also last you for a long time. Just make sure to give it proper care and maintenance.  
However, once sewn-in, your extensions can only stay on top of your head for a few weeksroughly 6 to 8 weeks. We don’t want to push our natural hair to its limit! Your scalp continuously produces oil, and excess oil together with some dirt should be washed off. Your hair also needs some nourishment to prevent breakage and some time to breathe. Thus, it is of utmost important to keep up with your appointments in your favorite salon and give your hair some TLC! 
  • Lifestyle 
The most important thing you must consider is your day-to-day activities, your lifestyle. If you happen to like working out or if you’re into sports like swimming, it is best to get a sew-in. Your hair is much more secure and will save you from the embarrassing moment of your wig shifting by the wind or falling off. 
Woman doing exercise
If your lifestyle does not involve any strenuous activities or if you’re too busy to maintain it, wig can be a good choice for you. You can simply put it on, make sure that it looks seamless and natural, touch up on its style, and voila! You are already walking out the door!  
All women deserve to make a choice and have the options to achieve perfection and beauty. Whether you are a wig fan or a sew-in type of gal, we know that you’ll look bomb and ready to make that first impression perfect! 

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