Why Get Hair Extensions or Weave?

During your childhood, you weren’t worried as much as to how your hair looks. Your may have had friends who had the same textured as you do. But perhaps when you got older, you started admiring other women especially those who are prominent figuressingers like Beyoncé and Rihanna, models like Tyra Banks, actresses like Viola Davis, and even the former FLOTUS Michelle Obama 


You might’ve wondered how their hair is quite different than yours, very shiny and have bigger curls. Hair extensions or  Weaves are used to give yourself a new hairstyle you can sport. It can also add length and volume if wish to.  

Remember how some celebrities sport shoulder-length hair one day and then next month, they’ll have these long luscious curls that go all the way up to their waist? They might’ve got a weave sew-in installation done.  

Besides a new hairstyle, weaves also have other benefits. Learn more about these benefits below: 

  • Hair Extensions or Weaves are Low Maintenance 

In some commercials, you see women waking up in the morning with perfectly styled hair. But of course, that is not true! That is waaaaaay far from the reality. But weaves can help you inch your way to that. Since the hair is already pre-styled, you just have to touch up on it here and there! You won’t need to fight your own hair with damaging heat tools anymore! 

Women waking up in bed in the morning

  • Hair Extensions Act Like A Protective Shield 

You go to school or work to hustle and make your dreams come true! But of course, some things will be sacrificed in the name of the hustle. As you go along your day, you will be exposed to the sun and even to pollution in the air especially when you walk or commute. Since you got your install, they are the ones exposed to these elements and they protect your natural hair. 

  • Hair Extensions Let Your Natural Hair Rest 

Your hair may not be the isn’t the easiest to style, so you ask for the help of heat tools like curling rods and flat irons. These items use high temperature which can cause a lot of damage to hair, especially with prolonged use. Your hair will need some time to regenerate, and hair extensions can help them in doing that. Your extensions will be the one exposed to the high temperature of styling equipment rather than your own natural hair. Extensions also offer the chance to let you grow out your hair. 

  • Hair Extensions are Great for Experimentation 

Color is everywhere, even on the hair! More and more women are getting their hair colored with crazy colors like pink, blue, and sometimes all the colors of the rainbow! But more and more chemicals to your hair would mean more damage. Thankfully, you can use your weave to finally sport the color you want without damaging your natural hair! You can also try a different hair texture by buying and installing a bundle with the hair texture you’ve always wanted!  

Different Hair Colored Extensions
  • Hair Extensions are Ideal for Low Commitment Changes 

Have you always sported short hair and want to try something new for a few weeks? Weaves allow you to change up your day-to-day look for a while. You can go from short to long in just a few hours! You won’t need to grow your hair out for so long to experience what a long hair would feel like. And if ever you don’t feel you long hair, you can just simply take down your install and back to your usual hairstyle. Plus, it will save you from the heartache that comes when you’re finally gonna cut your long hair! 

  • Hair Extensions are Perfect for the Active Women 

Ever saw a video of a woman getting her wig snatched? Yikes! You don’t want that happening to you, do you? If you have an active lifestyle where you workout a lot or do sports, weaves will be your best friend! Hair extensions are greatly secured and will save you from the embarrassing moment of having your whole hair fall off. It makes you more focused to win that game and prove how strong you are as a woman! 


Extensions are a great way to spice up your hairstyle while protecting your own natural hair. But remember that the experience will only be perfect if you have it properly installed by a skilled stylist and if you have high-quality hair products to use. Here at Impression Perfect Hair, we offer a wide selection of virgin hair bundles you can use to for your weave installation. If you want it perfect, so do we.  

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