What to Wear this Summer: Wig or Weave?

Summer is here and we can feel the heat and humidity! Are you sweating a lot too? Because we are! It’s so nice to dip in a pool or spend some time on the beach.  

You might think it’s a bad idea to wear a weave or wig this summer but don’t worry because we’re here to guide you! 

Did you know that wearing a weave or a wig actually helps protect your natural hair from any damage caused by the hot sun? Your natural hair also gets a break from constant combing, brushing, processing, and heat styling. That’s why hair weaves and wigs are considered protective styles. 

When choosing the hair texture 

But are all weaves and wigs good for the summer weather? We say no because the best type of hair extensions to get are the curly ones! Curly hair bundles love water and makes it retain its curly pattern! Make sure to get high-quality bundles just like this so even after you shampoo your hair after heading for a swim, it stays bouncy and curly.  

When choosing the color 

If you plan on going for colored hair this summer AND swim, we suggest you stick to natural black hair instead. The salt and other minerals in the sea water and the chlorine in the pool will strip that vibrant hair color making it dull and lighter in color. When it comes to colored hair, the brighter the better! 

When choosing between wigs or weave 

Weave or sew-ins like this are best for summer since your braided natural hair gets washed with shampoo and treated with conditioner after a dip in the pool. This means that chlorine, salt, etc. can be removed between the tracks and prevent scalp issues and breakage. 

If you prefer to wear wigs, they really aren’t the best option for summer, especially if you plan to go to the beach or swim in a pool. Whether it’s installed with an adhesive or not, it would be a nightmare to use it. If the wig is not installed with adhesives, water pressure from swimming can loosen the wig which can get your wig snatched literally. If your wig is installed with adhesives, it is still a bad idea to let your wig be exposed to the elements. Even if you use a very strong adhesive, it will still create spaces under the wig where salt or chlorine can settle that you might not be able to thoroughly clean. This may lead to allergic reactions, hair loss, and even breakage. 

But if you REALLY want to wear one... 

Make sure you cover your entire head with a shower/swim cap which also covers the area where the adhesive is applied.  

We also suggest you refrain from using stocking caps when prepping for a wig installation. Stocking caps can make your head very hot and severely limit scalp ventilation which isn’t the best during summer’s hot and humid weather.  

You can try using a mesh wig cap instead plus capless wigs! With this combination, your head will get the highest level of ventilation which will keep you as cool as possible all summer long. 

We hope these tips can help you this summer!  

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