What to Look for When Buying Hair Extensions

You’re finally getting a hair installation! But before you achieve that perfect hair, it is important to have the perfect products. This list is made to guide you in choosing the products you’re going to use for your crowning glory! 

  • Natural Hair 

Don’t get me wrong! Synthetic hair is a great product too, but natural hair is better in some respects. Because it is natural human hair, it behaves like it. You can color it, wash it, and use heat on it; it can be styled a multitude of ways It also creates a more seamless look if you’re planning to leave out some hair. But of course, it has its downfall—the maintenance. But if you take good care of your hair, it can definitely last a bit longer so it’s still a win! 

Different colored hair

  • Machine-Weft  

Adding each hair strand on your own hair will take forever! Thankfully collected hair strands are already weaved together on one end by adding wefts of thread. Hair wefts can either be handsewn or machine-weft. Among the two, machine-weft hair is the industry standard because it creates a resilient, sturdy bundle for easy hair installations. It also does not shed excessively when cut and is easy to maintain. 

Machine-weft bundle

  • Has A Texture You Can Commit To 

It is important that you are comfortable with the hair texture you choose. Loving your texture from the get-go may save you some time with styling it and it saves the hair from too much damage!  Or if you choose a texture that is like your own hair’s natural texture, you’ll also end up spending less time styling your leave out to look like your extensions.

  • Attached to Comfortable Braids 

Your extensions best friend is your natural hair braided down. To have a fabulous experience with your new hairstyle, you gotta make sure that your braids are small. Smaller braids can help make your extensions lay flat on your head and make it look more natural. Choosing the right braid pattern for the shape of your head and the hairstyle you’re going to get will help you create the perfect look.

It’s also important that your braids aren’t tight. Tight braids can be bad for your hair since it can cause damage and prolonged wearing of tight braids can lead to traction alopecia.  


There are tons of options to choose from when buying hair extensions. Make sure you make the right choice to fully bask on the confidence the perfect hair can bring. It is important that you are comfortable with the crown you’re wearing because after all, confidence starts with your own comfort! And Impression Perfect Hair is here to help you achieve that! Shop NOW.

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