The Science of Creating the Perfect Impression

The moment you look at a strangerwhether you meet in-person or simply looking at their photos, your mind instantaneously creates an impression. And in return, they can also make instantaneous impressions of you. The findings of a 2006 study conducted by the Princeton University suggests that a tenth of a second is enough for the brain to make an impression 

The more time there is, the more confidence they have with their initial impression. Thus, the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” has never been more true.  

So, what can you do to create the perfect first impression? 

Physical Attractiveness is the Key 

According to an article in Psychology Today, the first thing that people notice is the physical attractiveness of other people. Physical attractiveness creates a positive impression in the brain which correlates other positive traits such as success and popularity. This behavior is called the ‘halo effect.’  

Psychologist Edward Thorndike coined the term after his 1920 study where he asked officers to evaluate soldiers based on traits such as leadership skills and intelligence. This was done even before the officers were able to test the capabilities of their soldiers in terms of the traits 

The results show that the officers linked the evaluated traits with each soldier’s physical traits such as physique, voice, and attractiveness. Soldiers who have better physique, deeper voice, and are overall attractive were rated with superior qualities in terms of leadership skillsintelligence, and other traits. Consequently, those who lack in some physical aspect have lower ratings in terms of the traits. 

The study highlights the importance of physical appearance and attributes in creating a good first impression. 

The Science in the Day to Day 

Imagine you have a reservation in a restaurant, and you were observing the people going in as you wait for your food. The first person who came in was well-dressed, has great hair, and looked good. You will think that they are confident, well-mannered, or smart.   

Halo Effect in a day to day situation

How would you perceive a tidy-looking person versus a stressed-looking person? 

The next person who came in looked like they were wearing a stained, wrinkled shirt and their hair looked unkept. You might think that they might be too busy to think about their appearance or that they tend to prioritize something else. However, you might also think that they are clumsy, lazy, or simply do not care at all.  

How about if you imagine that you’re in school? Imagine that you must go to the library and ask for the librarian’s assistance. The librarian at the school always have a tidy, sleek bun paired with thick glasses. You would think that she might be studious and bookworm. But you might also think that she may be strict and uptight. 

After going to the library, imagine meeting one of your teachers. She has great wavy, shiny hair and she always offer you a smile when you approach her. You will think that she is warm, reliable, and friendly. 

If you agree with these perceptions, then perhaps the halo effect was put into action. Physical attractiveness plays a huge role on how we perceive others and how they can perceive us.  

The Key Point 

Physical attractiveness is established as the basis of most first impressions. It can refer to your height, face shape, lip plumpness, eyes, and even hair. However, we are not perfect as we would like to be but through makeup, clothing, or other products, we make ourselves feel good about ourselves by inching our way towards what we deem as ‘perfect. This in turn makes us feel confident about ourselves and ready to make that first impression perfect. 


Make That First Impression Perfect!

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