Must Knows About Hair Extensions

  • Catching on the Waves: Different Steam Hair Textures

    There are many different hair textures to choose from and there are various factors to consider in choosing the perfect hair texture for you. You can either settle for a hair texture that perfectly fits your needs and lifestyle or you can totally experiment on different hair textures! Find out what hair texture you should buy!
  • Synthetic vs Natural Hair: Which is the Better Option?

    There are a lot of choices you have to make when buying hair. It starts from the length of the hair you’re getting, the color, the hair texture, and also the source. Most importantly, you have to choose if you're getting a natural or synthetic hair. Learn more about the difference between these two!


  • Why Get Hair Extensions or Weave?

    During your childhood, you weren’t worried as much as to how your hair looks. Your may have had friends who had the same textured as you do. But perhaps when you got older, you started admiring other women. You might’ve wondered how their hair is quite different than yours, very shiny and have bigger curls. Hair extensions are used to give yourself a new hairstyle you can sport. It can also add length and volume if wish to.  Besides a new hairstyle, weaves also have other benefits. Learn more about them!
  • Wig vs Hair Extension: Which One is Perfect for You?

    No woman is the sameeach have their own style, own preferences, and own decisions. But how do you decide between wigs vs hair extensions? Here's an explainer on how the two differ in terms of price, maintenance, longevity, process, styling, and lifestyle.