Must Knows About Hair Extensions

  • How to Make Your Extensions Last Longer

    Just got your weave taken down? As you take care of your natural hair, it is equally important to pay attention and give TLC to your hair extensions! We came up with this guide to help you take care of your extensions--from washing to storing your extensions!  

  • Hair Labels: What an Impression Perfect Hair Has

    Do you know what you should you look for in hair extensions? Well, look no further because we’ve got the PERFECT hair extensions for you! Impression Perfect Hair offers high-quality hair products to enhance your luscious locks and your overall look. Let’s take a look at the labels of our products and see why it’s the perfect hair extensions! 

  • Hair Labels: Single vs Double Drawn Hair

    When it comes to buying extensions, you mainly buy for the length, but you have to ask yourself if you also need the volume and the thickness. That’s why this article is written so it can help you decide if you should go for a single or double drawn hair. Let's go!
  • Different Types of Hair Extensions

    Curly hair is beautiful, no doubt about it! But are there moments were you sometimes wish you have long locks or fabulous waves? Don’t fret! Because hair extensions can give you that looooong hair you’ve been wanting to try! The question is, what type of hair extension should you get? Yes, there are different types of hair extensions you can get and we’re gonna help you figure out what suits for you!  

  • Hair Labels: Different Hair Length per Hair Type

    If you’re not yet satisfied with the length of your hair as of the moment, don’t fret because we have high-quality extensions for you! Extensions are a great way to add more length and volume to your hair in an instant! So, the question now is how long are the bundles you’re gonna get? Learn more now!
  • Hair Labels: Virgin, Raw, and Remy Hair

    Confused about what hair you should get? Here's an easy guide to help you tell the difference between virgin hair, raw hair, and remy hair. All three are made of human hair  that will help you get the natural look that you are going for. Learn more now!
  • Hair ABCs That You Gotta Know, Sis!

    Hey, Sis! This your guide to learning the hair vocabulary! Here is a compilation of common terms that pops on your Google search whenever you search for sew-in products and other hair items. Learn the terminology in hairstyling to make better choices for your next appointment,
  • Hair Labels: Transparent Lace vs HD Lace

    The base of your closures and frontals can make or break your look! Find out the difference between the two popular types of lace available in our store: Transparent lace and HD lace. Learn what type of lace to buy for that perfect hair when making your first impression!
  • Hair Extension Maintenance 101

    You’ve learned how to properly wash your extensions, but now it’s time for you to learn how to maintain them IN BETWEEN washes. Washing your hair i...
  • Types of Weaves You Can Get

    A weave is a term used when hair bundles are sewn onto your natural hair that has been braided into cornrows. There are different ways on how you install your weave and through this lost, you'll learn more about them!
  • Difference Between Closures vs Frontals

    If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on styling, your next best option is to go for a frontal or closure. The question is, how do you choose between the two? Frontals and closure greatly differ in terms of size, styling, maintenance, longevity, comfort, protection, and price. Learn more about their differences here!
  • What to Look for When Buying Hair Extensions

    You’re finally getting a hair installation! But before you achieve that perfect hair, it is important to have the perfect products. Know what type of products you should buy when getting hair extensions. This list is made to guide you in choosing the products you’re going to use for your crowning glory!