Impression Perfect Hair: The Meaning of Its Colors

Colors make the world feel more alive, more beautiful, and more meaningful. Through colors, we can also convey emotions and thoughts to people. 

Although Impression Perfect Hair caters mostly to women, it decided to steer away from the common colors of femininity such as pink hues, purple, or white. The company decided use navy blue and bronze colors to represent the company and what it believes in. 

Among the bunch of characteristics that navy blue conveys, perhaps the best one is confidence. And like the color black, navy blue also conveys a sense of sophistication and elegance. We want our customers to embody these characteristics as they use our wide variety of high-quality hair products. We want to help you feel confident, elegant, and sophisticated as you make your first impression perfect.  

Navy blue and bronze as the primary colors of the company logo.

The bronze, on the other hand, gives off a warm, friendly, and dependable vibe which we will translate through our customer service. Since the color bronze is closely related to nature, it depicts strength, growth, and experience. We believe the color bronze perfectly symbolizes the woman behind this company who have years of experience in using and handling the same products we offer. It also reflects her story of growth and experience throughout the years as a strong black woman, a loving wife, and a caring mother. Most importantly, the bronze color depicts how the company creates a sense love towards its customers by bringing high-quality products through great, reliable customer service. 

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