How to Make Your Extensions Last Longer

Just got your weave taken down? That’s good because your natural hair and scalp need to breath too! But as you take care of your natural hair, it is equally important to pay attention to your hair extensions! We know you’ve spent a lot to buy your extensions but to get your money’s worth, it better last long– maybe use it for a few more installs in the following months to come. But to do that, you must give it some TLCTo help you take care of your extensions, we’re here to guide you from washing to storing your extensions!  

Washing Your Hair Extensions 

First off, brush your extensions by starting at the bottom and work your way up to the top. This process removes tangles and makes the hair easier to manage later. 

To wash your extensions, prepare where you are going to clean your extensions. You can use the sink or a basin to clean then fill it with warm water and mix in your favorite shampoo. Put the hair and let it get soaked in the water.  

To thoroughly clean the hair, pay close attention to areas that are prone to product build up like the areas around the hairline, hair parting, and the hair extension’s base. Put shampoo in these areas and gently rub it into the hair to remove dirt and product residues. To cleanse the remaining length of the hair, put some shampoo and slide down your hand to distribute the product. Always remember that when you’re rubbing in the product, you must follow the natural direction of the hair.   

When you’re done cleansing the hair, rinse it with warm water and apply conditioner or oils afterwards. Make sure you follow the natural direction of the hair. You can leave the hair for a while and let it absorb the treatment. Applying conditioners or oils help to treat and protect the hair. It will also lessen the tangling and make the hair smoother 

Finally, rinse the hair extensions with cold waterKeep the hair upright and let the water flow through the strands while you slide your fingers to remove tangles and distribute the water. 


Drying Your Hair Extensions 

In drying the hair, don’t treat hair like it’s a towel so do NOT wring it! To remove excess water, just simply tighten your hand as you slide it down the hair.  

Afterwards, place in on a towel and you can let it air dry for around 30 minutes before you use a dryer to speed up the process. Using a brush and a hair dryer, go through the hair strands several times to thoroughly dry the hair.  


Styling Your Hair Extensions 

It is up to you if you want to touch up the styling of the hair or not. But if you want to, you can use tools like a straightener, curling iron, or even rollers to help give back style to your newly cleansed hair!  


Storing Your Hair Extensions 

There are many ways to store your hair depending on the extensions you have and the money you can spare. If you have the budget, you can opt to buy a wig head if you have wigs or a hair extensions hanger or bag to store your clip-ins, bundles, etc. Or if you opt for a more budget-friendly options, a Ziploc or a repurposed storage box is enough. Just make sure that all the strands are in a single direction that follows its natural flow to prevent tangling.  


Having hair extensions can be a ton of work, but the beauty and confidence a clean and beautiful hair can give you is priceless! Plus, think of it as an extension of your self-care routine because after all, it is still your hair and the way you take care of it speaks volumes. Make the perfect impression not just by having beautiful locks, but also showing how much you care for your things and in an extension, yourself.   

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