Hair Labels: What an Impression Perfect Hair Has

Looking for the perfect hair extensions at an affordable price? Well, look no further because we’ve got it for you! Impression Perfect Hair was born to create an avenue for encouraging women to be confident and feel good about themselves. It aims to help women create that perfect first impression by offering high-quality hair products to enhance their luscious locks and their overall look! 

Let’s take a look at the labels of our products and see why it’s perfect for you! 

  • Our products are made with 100% Virgin HairVirgin Hair is a type of hair that is not chemically treated in any way, thus the term ‘virgin’. However, it has undergone basic cleaning to get rid of dirt, excess oil, and even lice.  


  • Our hair has Natural Tapered EndSingle drawn hair looks thick at the base tip then gradually gets thinner towards the end which gives a natural taper to it. This creates a more natural look since it mimics the way our own natural hair grows! 


  • Our hair extensions have Healthy and Intact CuticlesSince our products have not been bleached, colored, permed, or undergone use of harsh chemicals, the cuticle of the hair is still healthy and intact. The hair’s cuticle is its outermost layer which protects the hair. Since a single hair strand is so thin, it is impossible to see its cuticle with the naked eye. 


  • Our hair bundles are Machine-Weft HairMachine-weft hair is the industry standard and creates a resilient, sturdy bundle for easy hair installations. You can get the hair that you want without damaging your hair with heat and glue. Plus, our machine-weft hair does not shed excessively when cut and easy to maintain.   


  • Our closures and bundles have a Natural Hairline with Baby HairsA natural hairline doesn’t go straight and actually has a lot of curves and crevices lined with newly grown hair called ‘baby hairs.’ To achieve the look of a natural hairline, our frontals and closures are made to perfectly mimic your hairline! 


We have told you more about what the labels on our products mean and what our products would look like, and there’s only one thing left for you to do – buy the products and see for yourself! We bet that it would not only make you look good, but also feel good! Buy quality hair extensions HERE.

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