Hair Labels: Virgin, Raw, and Remy Hair

When looking for hair extensions online or in-stores, you’ll find a lot of different labels describing the products. The question is, do you know the meaning of these labels? Knowing the meaning of the labels in your products can help you know if what you are buying is worth the money you’ll be paying. 

Here at Impression Perfect Hair, we offer virgin hair extensions that are sure to make your hair beautiful and perfect for every first impression you make! 

Virgin Hair is a type of hair that is not chemically treated in any way, thus the term ‘virgin’. However, it has undergone basic cleaning to get rid of dirt, excess oil, and even lice. Its curls are formed through steam processing which is a natural method of styling hair strands using the heat from steam. Through this process, the curl pattern in the hair is consistent without the use of harsh chemicals.  Since this type of hair has not been bleached, colored, permed, or undergone use of harsh chemicals, the cuticle of the hair is still healthy and intact. The hair’s cuticle is its outermost layer which protects the hair. Since a single hair strand is so thin, it is impossible to see its cuticle with the naked eye. Most of our hair are made with virgin human hair and we promise that it's smooth from root to tip! 

virgin body wave hair extensions

 However, virgin hair is not the only type of hair available. There is also a type of hair called Raw Hair which means it has not been chemically treated nor steam processed. It is simply washed and cleansed to remove dirt, oil, and lice. Most raw hair don’t have a uniform curl pattern unlike the other two types of hair. The curl patterns that you will get will depend on the hair pattern of the single donor it came from. Here at Impression Perfect Hair, we offer raw Indonesian and Laos hair that will give you the most natural hair you've been looking for!

Raw Indonesian hair


The other type of hair available in the market is Remy Hair which refers to hair with intact cuticles. Remy hair is collected from a single donor and during its collection, the hair is tied first before being cut to ensure that the hair strands are aligned in the same direction it grew from. So, the ones at the end will stay at the end and those near the roots will be the ones on top. Because of the unique collection method for Remy hair, there will be less tangling of the hair. 

These three hair types may have their differences, but their most important similarity is that they are all human hair. Because of this, you can be sure that you’ll get the natural look that we bet you are trying to achieve. They vary when it comes to their prices and you must choose what suits your budget best. Here at Impression Perfect Hair, we offer affordable hair extensions to help you make that perfect impression every time! 

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