Hair Labels: Single vs Double Drawn Hair

When it comes to buying extensions, you mainly buy for the length, but you have to ask yourself if you also need the volume and the thickness. That’s why this article is written so it can help you decide if you should go for a single or double drawn hair. But what are single and double drawn hair in the first place? 

When your extensions say it is single drawn hair, it means that only 50% of the strands have the length indicated in the label. It might seem a downer, but this is actually the standard thickness for extensions and the popular choice among clientsPlus, it’s a lot cheaper compared to double drawn hair! 

For you to understand it better, here’s an example. If you buy 20-inch extensions, only 50% of the strands have a length of 20 inches while the other 50% have varying lengths from 16 to 18 inches. This kind of extensions will look thick at the base tip then gradually gets thinner towards the end which gives a natural taper to it. This creates a more natural look since it mimics the way our own natural hair grows.    

single vs double drawn hair

Double drawn hair, on the other hand, means that you get around 70-80%  strands that have the length mentioned in its label. This is because the shorter strands are removed, and the remaining strands are bundled up with other strands with the same length. So, if you’re getting 18-inch extensions, most of the strands will measure 18 inches. Because of how it’s made, it creates extensions wefts that are thick from root to tip! 

This type of extensions is ideal for clients who both want length and more volume added to their hair. If you decide to get double drawn hair, you are likely to purchase less wefts compared to single drawn. This is because double drawn hair is thick enough to cover the tracks well. The downside to this type of extensions is its expensive price and how heavy it can feel once installed; thus, it’s not recommended for those with thinner hair. 

Here at Impression Perfect Hair, we offer single drawn hair which is affordable yet high quality at the same time. It has a tapered end which gives you that natural look you want. With our wide range of productswe’re sure that you have a perfect ready for that first impression! 

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