Hair Labels: Different Hair Length per Hair Type

The length of your hair determines what hairstyles you can easily rock. You can sport and edgy look with short hair, but you can definitely do more hairstyles if your hair is longer. You can try romantic braids, a sleek updo, or simply leave it smoothly flowing down to your shoulders!

If you’re not yet satisfied with the length of your hair as of the moment, don’t fret because we have high-quality extensions for you! Extensions are a great way to add more length and volume to your hair in an instant! There are many types of extensions but the most secure one is having a sew-in. Plus, it’ll last you for weeks!  

So, the question now is how long are the bundles you’re gonna get? But before we talk about the length, let’s fist mention that there are 3 main types of hair: straightwavy, and curly 

  • Straight hair gives you the exact length you are going for because the hair strands are straight as a ruler. Let’s say you chose 18 inches of hair, then your hair will fall 18 inches down and the tips will be near the armpit level.  
  • Wavy hair has big curls which prevents hair strands to fall straight down. Thus, when measuring the same 18 inches of hair, it will look shorter and the tips will fall somewhere between the shoulder and the armpit. 
  • Curly hair will appear the shortest because it has tighter coils than the other hair types. So, the same 18 inches will fall on the shoulders. Though it may lack in length, its volume makes up for it! 

The same 18 inches of hair will look like different hair lengths because no matter what hair type is it, the hair is measured when it is taut or stretched. Just like in the photo below: 

How to properly measure length of hair extensions

Now, let’s talk about how different hair length per hair type you can avail on our website. Most products have a wide array of hair lengths that can from 12 inches to 30 inches. To see the difference of these hair lengths based on the 3 main hair types, check out the chart below: 

Hair length comparison of straight, wavy, and curly hair

The 3 hair types don’t have huge differences in lengths when it comes to the first few inches but as the hair gradually grows longer, the difference in length is more pronounced. This is because the texture of the waves or curls are more well-defined as it goes to the tip of the hair.  

Then a general rule you must remember is that the number of bundles you need increases as the length gets longer. This is because longer hair bundles are made thinner, so it won’t be too heavy once installed in your hair. Girl, we know you’re a strong woman, but you shouldn’t overexert your hair.  

We hope this guide was helpful and made it easier for you to decide on the length of the extensions you are going to buy. But whatever length you choose, we know it will look beautiful on you!  

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