Hair Extension Maintenance 101

You’ve learned how to properly wash your extensions, but now it’s time for you to learn how to maintain them IN BETWEEN washes. Washing your hair is important to remove oil and dirt buildup but it is recommended that you only do it in a weekly basis. This is because frequent washing especially with harsh products can leave your hair dry and lose its curls. 

To maintain the curls yet still make sure your hair is nice, clean, and perfect, here are some tips we have for you! 

1. Braid Your Hair at Night to Enhance Curls 

If you have a curly hair installed, you can braid your hair to keep and even enhance the curls. Section your hair then simply braids it and tie it using a satin scrunchie or scarf. The number of sections you’ll braid will depend on how tight you want your curls to be.  

 2. Use a Satin Scarf or Pillowcase When Sleeping 

Using cotton pillowcase causes friction which can cause frizzy hair when you wake up. Throw those cotton pillowcases away and use a satin pillowcase instead! If you regret throwing them, you can use a satin scarf instead. Satin helps retain moisture in your hair and its smooth surface prevents friction from building up which makes your hair looking smooth, soft, and silky first thing in the morning! 

Black woman sleeping on satin sheets


 3. Moisturize Hair with Conditioner

That leave-in conditioner will not last forever, so you have to touch it up daily and apply a small amount to your hair which is just enough to moisturize it. This leaves your weave and even leave-out (if you have one) smooth and tangle-free! 

 4. Be Careful with the Heat

When blow drying your hair, make sure to use the lowest setting possible to prevent any damage to your hair extensions and even to your natural hair. After all, you got an install to give your hair a break! Only use heat when necessary and try to stick to heatless styling bobby pins, pin curls, perm rod, and even the good old braids!  

Black woman drying her hair


 5. Less Product is More

The more products you put on to your extensions, the more products get built up which weighs down your hair and makes it limp. A dime-sized amount of leave-in conditioner is enough to revive and smoothen your hair. And a bit of alcohol-free pomade is enough to keep your edges neat and smooth! 

 6. Avoid Scratching your Scalp

Washing your hair in a weekly basis means your scalp might get itchy with all the oil and dirt buildup BUT never EVER scratch your scalp with your fingernails or rat-toothed comb. These could damage the fragile skin on your scalp and help develop scabs. Use oils like tea tree, grapeseed, olive, or coconut oils to sooth the itch instead. Use a small nozzle bottle to apply the oil to your scalp and massage it gently with the pads of your fingers. These oils can also give extra nourishment to your natural hair but be careful and don’t put too much as it will make your weave oily. 

Woman scratching her scalp


 7. Pay Visit to your Hair Stylist 

As we’ve said, your hair stylist is your hair’s best friend. Pay a visit at least once a month to get your hair properly washed and treated. They can also style it and revive the smoothness and shine of your weave. You also pay for peace of mind knowing your hair is in great care! 

 8. Give your Hair a Break 

Hair extension installation don’t last forever because it usually lasts from six to twelve weeks at most depending on its quality and IF it is properly cared for.  Once you take down your installation, say hello to your natural hair!  

 Rock your natural hair for at least two weeks before you get another install. It is important to let your scalp breathe and condition your hair so both will be on its best shape once you install another weave. This break is best for you in the long run because it prevents your hair from being permanently damaged. And this break will also be an exciting time for you to enjoy your natural curls! 

Black women with natural afro hair


 Getting an install is only step one and the most important steps are the ones you take next. Make sure that you properly maintain your weave to make it last longer and to keep your hair healthy!  

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