Hair Labels: Transparent Lace vs HD Lace

The base of your closures and frontals can make or break your look! You wouldn’t want others to notice you’re wearing a weave or a wig, right? Lace is the best choice for that natural and seamless look! It is important that you know what type of lace to buy for that perfect hair when making your first impression. 

The base is where hair strands are attached. Together with the hair, it covers the top of your head and cover the tracks made when bundles are sewn into your hair. Another important thing they do for your hair is it protects your hair from damage caused by heat styling and chemicals when you opt for a leave out. It’s also time savvy too since no more extra time with styling!   

The popular base in the market right now is called laceIt has two types, and we are here to help you understand them better! Read below if you want to learn more.  

  • Transparent Lace 

Transparent lace is the standard lace used which appears transparent, hence its name. However, its ‘transparency’ greatly depends on how the color of the lace matches your skin tone. Transparent lace has four regular colors: dark brown, medium brown, light brown and transparent 

 Despite needing to match the lace color to your skin tone, transparent lace is comfortable to wear since it is thin enough and offers great breathability for your scalp. This also means that it is easier to thoroughly dry  your hair!  


Lace Closure Upclose


  • HD Lace 

When you see the word ‘HD’, it usually means ‘high definition.’ You thought it’s only for movies, but HD also applies to lace! It is called HD since it gives the most natural look of all laces. Once applied on your scalp, it is almost invisible because it’s sooooo thin! With an HD lace, you won’t need to match the lace color to your skin tone anymore! 

 Since it is thinner compared to transparent lace, it is far breathable to wear BUT this may mean that it can easily tear with rough handling. So, make sure you are gentle with this lace so it can last you for months! Be aware though that this type of lace is quite expensive than others since creating it is not an easy feat. 

 Whatever type of lace you choose, be mindful of what fits your lifestyle and budget best. Both transparent and HD lace are available in our stores so go ahead and SHOP NOW. Here at Impression Perfect Hair, we are here to help make your perfect ready for that first impression. 

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