Hair ABCs That You Gotta Know, Sis!

Hey, Sis! This is your guide to learning the hair vocabulary! 

You’ve been seeing how some women have such fabulous perfect hair, and you finally got to know their secret—hair extensions! You go to Google to learn more about it but, alas! New terms keep bombarding you and it can get pretty overwhelming. So here is a compilation of common terms that pops on your Google search together with some simple definition to understand itLet’s start learning the Hair Lingo! 

Alopecia – Generally, alopecia refers to gradual hair loss, common example is the recession of the hairline. It is commonly experienced by males, but females can also experience this. Females are more susceptible to traction alopecia which is a form of alopecia caused by the constant pulling of the hair through tight ponytails or braids. 

Bundles – This refers to a length of high-quality machine-weft hair (around 18 inches long) that is rolled and tied together. Bundles of wefts are used as sew-in weaves and the number of bundles you use during an installment varies. The number depends on some key factors like the size of your head or the volume that you want. The general rule is that when the hair length of the bundles is short, you need around three bundles. But when the hair length of the bundles is long, you need around three to four bundles. This difference is caused by the density of hair in the bundles. The longer the hair is, the thinner it is and when the shorter the hair is, the thicker it gets. 

hair bundles

Cornrow – This is a braid style where the hair is braided closely to the scalp. The braids will look like raised rows that are in straight lines like a corn. However, the hair can also be braided into geometric and curvilinear patterns. The cornrow is favored because it allows the hair to grow and restore it at the same time.  

Dry Shampoo – Like what the name implies, it is a shampoo but doesn’t need water! You can clean your hair, reduce dirt and oil buildup, and freshen up your hair’s smell by using this.  

Elasticity – It is the capability of your hair to stretch and return to its normal length. Elasticity greatly depends on your hair’s moisture content. The more moisture there is, the hair will swell, contract, and can stretch without breaking. Hair breakage means your hair lacks moisture or your hair has undergone a lot of stress from chemicals and heat tools. Make sure to protect your hair from damage and treat it occasionally. 

Frontals – It is similar to a wig, but it only covers the front part of your hairline, thus the term ‘frontals.’ It has a lace for its base and attached from it are the strands of hair that you can seamlessly blend with your bundles. Because it has a wider coverage than closures, you can part your hair anyway you like AND you can wear ponytails if you want to. Shop frontals here!

quality hair frontal

Glaze or Gloss – if you wanted that added shine to your hair, glaze or gloss products will be your best friend. Between the two, the shine the gloss can last for a few weeks since it penetrates the hair cuticles unlike a glaze which only covers the cuticles. Both products can also be used to tone your hair since there are variants with added color. 

Hair Stylists – AKA your new best friend! Hair stylists are trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills to make you hair healthy, gorgeous, and perfect. Always remember to show up on your appointments! 

Ionic Hairstyling Tools – Ions are everywhere, even on your hair. But when you brush your hair or dry it with a towel, friction is created, and negative ions are removed from your hair. What is left are positive ions which make your hair frizzy. Ionic hairstyling tools help eliminate frizzy by emitting negative ions into your hair, making it smoother and easier to dry. 

Jojoba Oil – This oil can be a moisturizer for your scalp and at the same time, be a remedy to dandruff and hair fall caused by the dryness of your scalp. It is rich in vitamins like vitamins C, B, and E and minerals like cooper and zinc. Because of its nutrients, it can strengthen hair and help your hair get thicker. 

Kinky Curly – A hair texture where each strand of hair forms tight, helical-shaped, small curls and gives a denser appearance compared to other hair textures. Its texture feels very dry and spongy but can be soft and fine or coarse and wiryPeople with an African descent have this as their natural hair texture; thus, it is also called Afro-textured hair. 

woman with kinky curly hair


 Lace – This refers to the sheer panel of mesh-like cloth where bundles of hair are attached. This allows the wearer to form a part on her hair since it exposes the scalp through its sheerness. 

Machine-weft Hair – Loose hairs are sewn together using a machine to form long wefts of hair, thus making the product called as machine-weft hair or weftsMachine-weft hair is the industry standard and creates a resilient, sturdy bundle for easy hair installations. It also does not shed excessively when cut and is easy to maintain.  

machine weft hair

Natural Hair – A type of hair used in wigs or bundles that came from women who’ve dedicated time and effort to grow their hair out as part of their donation or for them to sell. 

Leave-Out – When getting a sew-in weave, you either have the option of buying a frontal/closure or use your own natural hair to seamlessly hide the bundles of hair sewn in. If you opt to choose your own natural hair, that means you have a leave-out. It can be at the front, sides, or even the back of your head.  

Protein – Your hair is made up of structural protein called keratin. It is important to nourish your hair with proteins by eating protein-rich food. Your body will break down the protein you eat and create keratin that will be absorbed by your hair cuticles. Keratin is important to ensure proper hair growth, less hair damage, and prevention of frizz. 

Queen – Sis, that’s you! 

Remy Hair – It refers to human hair that have intact cuticles. Its collection ensures that the hair strands are aligned in the natural direction it grew in. Remy hair provides a smooth texture and a natural look.  

Sew-In  This is a process of sewing in bundles of your hair into your own natural hair. It starts with braiding your hair, usually into cornrows, that will serve as the base where the wefts of hair will be sewn in. Then using a hair weaving thread, wefts of hair are sewn onto the braids row by row. From one side to the other.  

Tracks – Once the wefts of hair are sewn onto your natural hair, they create tracks. It is important that these tracks are not showing and are covered by your frontal/closure or leave-out.   

U-part Wigs – Wigs are human or synthetic hair that are easily detachableIt’s called U-part because of the U-shape area in the center. A U=part wig allows you to use a leave-out to seamlessly blend the two hairs together for a more natural look.  

Virgin Hair – When you refer to virgin hair, you refer to hair that has not been colored or treated with chemicals for perming, straightening, and others. If you're looking for virgin hair, Impression Perfect Hair has it all for you! Shop here.


Virgin hair in black and body wave texture

Weave – You call the hair as a weave IF it is sewn onto the braids or glued in. It is a form of extension since there is an evident extension of hair length.  

X-tensions – Extensions are simply defined as hair used to extend the length of your natural hair. There are different ways you can add extensions, you can use adhesive, clamps, clips, or keratin bonds. Although we mentioned that weaves are a form of extensions, it is important to remember that not all extensions are weaves since there are various ways you can attach extensions to your hair. 

Youthful – one of the possible feeling you’ll get once you get your hair installed! 

Zenith – the feeling you get with the confidence your hair gives you! 

That’s all for this hair lingo lesson. Hopefully, you were able to understand the terms and processes better. You know what they say, knowledge is power. And that power will help you make smarter decisions in achieving that perfect hair!  

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