Different Types of Hair Extensions

Curly hair is beautiful, no doubt about it! But are there moments were you sometimes wish you have the same long locks that Halle Berry is sporting down the red carpet or the fabulous waves Beyoncé’s has in her music videos? Don’t fret! Because hair extensions can give you that looooong hair you’ve been wanting to try!  

The question is, what type of hair extension should you get? Yes, there are different types of hair extensions you can get and we’re gonna help you figure out what suits for you!  

Before we mention the types of hair extensions you can get, you should first choose whether you want your extensions to last long or not because there are two main types of hair extensions: Non-permanent hair extensions and semi-permanent hair extensions. 

Non-permanent Hair Extensions require you to take it off at the end of the day then reapply it the next time you feel like you want to have longer hair. You won’t have to use any glue or tape for this one because all you need is to clip it in! This type of hair extensions is best for women who likes to change their hairstyles frequently or for those who just want those long locks for a day. Of course, the downside to this type of hair extensions is you must spend some time to apply and remove them, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll surely be a quick process! And oh! Don’t forget that you can’t sleep or shower with this kind of extensions! 

Here are some examples of non-permanent hair extensions!  

  • Clip-insThese have wefts of hair attached to one or more clips depending on the weft size. You can buy clip-ins with only one clip or two, three, or four clips with more wefts of hair. To attach these clip-ins, you just have to snap them onto your roots and just remove them once you’re done, making it perfect for beginners! It is one of the safest methods when it comes to transforming your hair since it does not damage your real hair strands. It’s perfect for instantaneous length and volume for your everyday needs or even during special occasions. You can even have instant highlights or an ombre look! 
clip in extensions in black
  • Flip-inAlso called halo-like crown, wire, or secret extensions, flip-in hair extensions can give your hair length and volume in just one install! It comes in one big weft of hair attached with a loop that you wear like a crown. Just make sure that it fits snugly on your head then hide the loop using the top layer of your hair. This extension is damage-free and very easy to install, you can even do it at the comfort of your home!  
flip-in extensions in black


 The other type is the Semi-permanent Hair Extensions! This type will let you wear that long locks for a longer period since it is attached using glue, tape, or rings which aren’t the easiest to remove. This means that this type of extensions is more secure! Plus, it is a major plus for women who don’t have the time to install hair extensions every day. Of course, you’ll need to refit or even reinstall them after a month or two depending on how your natural hair is growing. 

  Here are some examples of semi-permanent hair extensions! 

  • Tape-insThis type of extensions have hair attached to small, thin see-through tapes around 4cm wide. To use it, strands of your hair are sandwiched between two tapes which will be glued together near the roots of your hair, making this a hair fusion method. Because of how small the extensions are, it’s as if they’re invisible making it ideal for people with thin hair! 
tape-in extensions
  • I-tipsIts name comes from how the extensions’ tips look like which is similar to the capital letter I. To attach them to your hair, it requires the use of micro or nano beads. You insert a few strands of your hair into a bead, put the i-tips extensions and tighten the beads. Because of its unique application, it is called a cold fusion method since it doesn’t require any heat. It is a type of strand-by-strand method since extensions are added per strands which gives you fluidity and versatility in terms of styling and color!  
I-tips extensions
  • Micro LoopThis is very similar to i-tips, but the difference is that these extensions have a small loop where you pass your hair through and pull it to secure the extension strands. It also has rings that you need to tighten to secure the strands better. It is also a type of strand-by-strand method which gives a natural flow and versatility to your hair! 
micro loop extensions in black
    • U-tipsThe tips on this extension have a U-shape where you place strands of hair and a special hot infusion tool is used to melt the tips and seal the extensions to your hair. We know it might sound scary because of the glue and heat but don’t fret! The process won’t damage your hair and the glue on the tips are keratin glue which leaves your hair damage-free! Similar to i-tips and micro loop, this type of extensions is also a strand-by-strand method. 
    U-tip hair extensions in dark blonde
    • Sew-insInstead of using tape, glue, or heat, this type of extensions get sewn with a needle and a thread into your natural braided hair! You choose a desired length and texture of hair to spruce up your look! For sew-in products, go shop here! 

     In choosing the best extensions for you, choose what best fits your needs and your lifestyle. Your hair is supposed to make you feel empowered and it can only do so if it matches you perfectly!  


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