Difference Between Closures vs Frontals

You’ve already chosen your hair extensions, now you have to choose the perfect finishing touch. Some girls opt for a leave out but leave outs can take some time to style and blend with your hair extension texture. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on styling, your next best option is to go for a frontal or closure. The question is, how do you choose between the two? 

  • Size 

Closures: Closures typically have a lace with a 4x4 or 5x5 area of lace. It has a smaller size compared to frontals since its main purpose is to close a weave installation, hence the term ‘closure.’ However, this size is still enough to give you a clean and natural-looking part. You can choose to do a free part, middle part, a side part, or even a three-part, and closures can still do the job! 

Frontals: Frontals have a bigger area with either 13x4 or 13x6, that goes from one ear to another. It basically covers the front part of your hair, hence the term ‘Frontal.’ Because of its size, styling is a breeze, and you won’t be limited to keeping your hair down. 

 size difference between closure and frontal

  • Styling 

Closures: As mentioned, the sizes of closures are quite small which limits styling. Most hairstyles you can work with closures involve putting your hair down and just let the hair do the magic. You can definitely mix it up with your hair part since closures can still accommodate a middle part, a side part, or even a three-part besides from the usual free part. If you’re at most comfortable with wearing your hair down, then closures are perfect for you! 


FrontalsFrontals allow styling versatility! If you like experimenting with your hairstyle often, frontals are a perfect choice for you! You can create half-updo, braids, buns, and even ponytails because of frontal’s wide coverage. 

  • Maintenance 

Closures: One of the advantages of its small size is how low maintenance it can be. Since closures sits on top of your hair to close your install, you won’t need to tweak it to create a more natural look. Of course, it will require the basic washing, treatment, and styling like all your other extensions.  

FrontalsSince frontals will cover the hairline, it needs to be tweaked to create a more natural look. It may involve some trimming and plucking to create some baby hairs. You can get natural-looking frontals HERE. Frontals must be installed correctly to make it look more realistic. That’s added to the usual hair care routine of washing, treatment, and styling. 


  • Longevity & Comfort 

Closures: Because of its smaller size, lace closures only need a small amount of glue to attach it to your head and will not require a lot of retouch as frontals do. It also won’t hurt as much when you have to take it down, since you only have a smaller patch of glue to worry about. However, using a closure means majority of your head will be covered with weft extensions, that can be heavy and hot depending on the weather.  

Frontals: Since frontals tend to cover the whole hairline, you won’t need to sew-in extensions in the areas that it can cover. This allows your scalp and natural hair to have constant flow of air that can keep you cool.  


  • Protection 

Closures: Opting for a sew-in installation means you’re giving a break for your natural hair from all the damage and you’re giving time for it to grow. But if you still want to have colored or styled hair, you can choose to dye and apply heat to your hair extensions and closure, thereby saving your natural hair from all the damage. Closures allow you to experiment on hairstyles but still protect your natural hairwin-win!  

Frontals: Frontals offer the same protection from chemicals and break from heat styling for your natural hair. However, since frontals tend to be attached to the whole length of your hairline, there is a wider space for you to worry in case your frontals will stay for a longer period. Leaving your frontals on for more than 4 weeks may irritate your skin and can damage your edges and hairline.  


  • Price 

Closure: Since closure is smaller in size and have lower amount of hair, it’s definitely cheaper with a price ranging from $50 to 130. However, since closures can only cover a smaller area, this means you have to spend more on bundles. 

Frontals: Since frontals cover the hairline from one ear to another, it is definitely pricier. Aside from having more hair attached to frontals, it needs to be made like it is a natural-looking hairline. But its wide scope means you’ll be buying fewer bundles to install.  

 Frontals and closures have their own similarities and differences, but they both do the same thingto give your hair the perfect finishing touch. What you choose should be based on your lifestyle, styling preferences, comfort, and budget. Here in Impression Perfect Hair, we have a variety of options for frontals and closures you need to get that perfect finishing touch! 

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