Catching on the Waves: Different Steam Hair Textures

When choosing the perfect hair, you might have found yourself choosing the hair texture first. But as you browse shops, there are so many hair textures to choose fromso, which is which? 

In this article, we enumerate and compare the different hair textures you can choose from to get that perfect hairLet’s start! 

  • Straight 

Straight hair is simple as it isit doesn’t have any prominent waves or curls! Because of its texture, oil secreted from the glands in your scalp can easily slide through the length of each strand. This results to silky and shiny hair. Of course, not all straight hair is straight as a pole. Some straight hair textures have a bit of a bend which gives it a more natural look. 

  • Kinky Straight  

Compared to straight hair, a kinky straight hair has a thicker texture which gives your hair more volume. It looks natural since it resembles Afro-hair after it is blown out or pressed. This makes it ideal for girls who want a natural look and feel for their hair.  

  • Body Wave 

When referring to a wavy hair, the hair must have lots of defined bends from the roots to its tips that create S-shapes. There are many types of wavy hair and one of it is the body wave. Body wave hair has very loose waves that make S shapes throughout the hair length. Since it only has loose waves, oil can still slide through the hair with ease, making it shiny. Comparing this to straight hair, body wave offers more volume using its large waves. These large waves also make it easy to maintain and blend with your leave out. 

  • Loose Wave 

Looking at both Body Wave and Loose Wave, it’s kinda hard to notice the difference but there still are! Comparing the two, loose wave still has big waves like body wave but a bit tighter. The tighter the waves are, the fluffier your hair will be because of the added volume. Its waves also give a natural look that can easily be blended with your natural hair.  

Different hair textures

  • Deep Wave 

Deep wave is the type of wavy hair that closely resembles natural curly hair, but not as tight. Among all the wavy hair types, deep wave has the tightest waves of them all. This in turn gives the most volume and fluff among wavy hair. However, defined waves will require a bit more care to maintain those luscious perfect waves. 

  • Curly 

When you say that the hair is ‘curly,’ then you are pertaining to a hair whose strands spiral around like a spring. Because of its tighter curls, it makes your hair look thicker and more voluminous than the rest of the textures mentioned before. This type of hair requires great effort to maintain yet being able to rock this type of hair is a reward in itself!  

  • Kinky Curly 

As the name suggests, kinky curly hair means having strands that have short tight twists or curls. In contrast with straight hair that allows easy strand lubrication, kinky curly hair doesn’t allow easily lubrication of the strands. This entails greater time for maintenance of the curls to not just maintain the curls, but to also prevent it from damages. This hair, however, creates the most volume of all! 

There are many different hair textures to choose from and there are various factors to consider in choosing the perfect hair texture for you. You can either settle for a hair texture that perfectly fits your needs and lifestyle or you can totally experiment on different hair textures! The decision is for you to choose and Impression Perfect Hair is here to provide you with the products you need to make your hair beautiful for that first and lasting impression! 

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